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1. Access

Quantum Consulting / Quantum d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Quantum) does not guarantee that the materials contained on the website in question are appropriate or user-accessible in certain locations or is not responsible for access to them from the territory of countries where their content is prohibited by law. It will be considered that the access to the web pages from the mentioned locations was undertaken arbitrarily with the responsibility of the user according to the applicable law.


2. Protection of property

Quantum and its suppliers or original authors own the rights to parts of this site and other intellectual property in relation to this site. You hereby agree to prohibit the reproduction, duplication, or distribution of the Quantum website design or background, individual elements of the website, the Quantum logo design without the express written consent of Quantum.


3. Brands and trademarks

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4. Jurisdiction

You hereby accept and submit to Croatian substantive law as exclusively applicable to the interpretation, application, and legal effects of all permissions, exclusions, and conditions of use of this website. Any dispute or doubt arising out of or in connection with these “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” will be resolved by the parties in good faith through pre-trial negotiations within 45 days of receiving a written statement. Notwithstanding the above, Quantum may take immediate legal action if it is necessary to protect confidential or proprietary information. The Croatian courts, ie the Court in Zagreb, have exclusive jurisdiction over all claims and disputes arising as a result of or in connection with the use of the websites in question.


5. Information

5.1. Quantum does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from you through this Website. Please be aware that sending private messages via e-mail on the Internet may be insecure and subject to unauthorized access by third parties or misdelivery. Please note that any information or material sent to Quantum will be treated as non-confidential. By submitting some information or materials to Quantum, you grant Quantum an unlimited and irrevocable license to use, copy, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute such materials or information, and you also agree that Quantum is free to use any ideas, concepts, knowledge or techniques you sent him for any purpose. However, we will not publish your name or otherwise publish the fact that you have sent us materials or other information unless: (a) we obtain your permission to use your name; or (b) we inform you in advance that the materials or other information you have sent us to a particular part of this site will be published or otherwise used on them together with your name; or (c) we are bound by law.


5.2. All information available on the website is for information purposes only and may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to third parties. The information about certain products and services from this website is subject to certain restrictions on the entities to which such information may be available.


5.3. The information published by Quantum on this website is considered accurate and reliable at the time of its entry, however, Quantum does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness, or reliability of any of the information stored on this website.


5.4. The links on this site may take you to third-party and company sites, or you may leave the Quantum site. Pages outside of Quantum are not under Quantum’s control, and Quantum is not responsible for the content of any pages linked to. Quantum provides links to third-party and company sites solely for “convenience” and the inclusion of any link does not imply promotion of those web pages by Quantum.


5.5. Please note that Quantum may at any time, without prior notice, update or modify the information stored on this website.


6. Limitation of liability

Quantum does not warrant, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor does it assume any responsibility for the completeness or usefulness of any of the information, systems, products, or processes disclosed. The information available on the website should not be considered as a basis for making significant personal, financial, or business decisions, and you agree that you will not hold us responsible for not meeting your expectations in this regard or lost profits. To the extent permitted by law, Quantum will not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, non-pecuniary, or material damage, loss, or expense incurred as a result of the use or inability to use any of the information available on this website.


7. Transferability

These “Terms of Use” may not be assigned or transferred by you without the prior written confirmation of Quantum. Quantum may assign these “Terms of Use” to any associated person or third party in whole or in part.

Privacy policy

Quantum takes care of the privacy of your data. With our policy, we want to balance the benefits of modern technology in business with the right of the individual to prevent the misuse of their personal data. QUANTUM d.o.o. as a provider of the Website, it adheres to legal regulations in order to protect the privacy of the User (legal entity) or natural person with the User. Quantum d.o.o. does business exclusively with legal entities (User) and the content of the pages is not designed to attract individuals under 18 years of age. QUANTUM d.o.o. does not wish to receive, retain or process data of persons under 18 years of age.


1. Personal data collection

In order to use the website, Quantum will not ask you for personal information. If you want to contact us you can send in the contact form: Your name, e-mail address (Personal data). Quantum uses this information solely for the purpose of assisting you in the course of its activities described on this website. By using the site and/or entering personal data, you will agree to the Privacy Policy. We will also not use this personal information for business purposes nor will we share this information with third parties. Quantum will keep this information only as long as necessary, ie until the moment of answering your inquiry by email. After that, the received email together with the sent data will be deleted.


2. Collecting domain information

Quantum collects basic information about the domain, as part of our site usage analysis. This information is used solely for the purpose of tracking page traffic via Google Analytics (hereinafter: page traffic tracking) and does not require any interaction on your part.


3. Providing information to third parties

We will not share your personal information with third parties. In cases provided by law, we may be required to provide your personal information to the competent institution in accordance with the law or if it is in the interest of protecting the rights, property, or security of Quantum, the website, or its visitors.


4. Use of cookies

WWW pages may use cookies, which are used to identify visitors and which are placed on your hard drive. Cookies cannot read data from your hard drive, and you are able to either accept or authorize the use of cookies. Disapproval of cookies in a given case may result in the reduced display of information or the site may not be able to have the functionality provided. By approving cookies, the information collected about visitors through cookies will be anonymized within the site traffic tracking system.


5. Rights

The user has the ability to access and change/delete personal data held by QUANTUM d.o.o. A user who has any questions regarding the confidentiality of data can send an email to:

Quantum reserves the right to change the content of these terms (Terms of Use) and rules (Privacy Policy) at any time without prior notice and you should consult these each time you visit the site.